Moments that make up our day....

Our days are made up of many moments.  Some good, some not so good.  But by slowing down and capturing the good ones we can feel like we are living a good life.  I often look around at my comfortable little house, with its up-cycled cupboards, mis-matched furniture, shoes spilling out from the designated shoe rack, dogs sleeping on the doormat and wonder "how did I get so lucky?  This is a pictorial post of moments I captured this week that imprinted in my heart.  

William is learning guitar and here he was trying to teach Gus how to play a song.  Gus has his much loved baby on his back keeping him safe!

A fragile Gus needs a snuggle...

Henry eyeing off dinner!  It was a cheats chicken pie with home made broth concentrate thickened as the gravy, with peas and fresh spinach and herbs from the garden.  It was delicious!  

My first dress!  I'm not quite finished,  it's an awkward length and needs a few alterations yet but I'm getting there.  It was certainly a learning curve.  It is insanely comfortable.  

Baby henry has a terribly sore bottom today.  I think he is teething and feeling sad.  When I sit in my chair cuddling my sad boys, listening to the birds and wind chimes ringing.  I know I have made the right decision to be at home for now, I treasure these moments.  These moments of calm and still.  Where I can breathe them in and just sit with them.

I hope you are enjoying some quiet moments too.  



  1. awww, i miss my cuddles :(
    well done on the dress! a simple lace around the neck line should show the pattern right off too. wow that chicken pie looks delicious!
    i think mums should be at home with the children, especially while they are little, they need us then.
    you do really well with looking after your family.
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thank you selina.

      Motherhood is one of those things where some days you feel like you nail it and other days you feel like your drowning isn't it?

      Grant and I also felt that it is nice to have one parent at home with the children as much as possible, it is not easy financially but it is something we work hard at. As a mother who has been a working mum and a stay at home mum I do feel, that me being at home is what works best for our little family. Especially as it has grown now.


  2. I also believe that at least one parent should be home with the kids. They need you just as much, as they get older too, however teenagers will never admit to that. I miss the cuddle days however my son has never been shy with hugs for me. Even in front of friends. He is 24 and on his own now so he knows that a huge hug is first and last on my list.
    You did a great job on you new dress. Now that you have made this one, I am sure you will make more.
    Enjoy your day. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I hope my boys always need their mum to a degree! William is already so tall on me but he is still so young.

    I have fabric for another dress, I will make it in a size 10 though this time. And be more careful about seam allowance. I always do small seams and ended up with a bit of manipulating of the dress to do.

    I should do some dressmaking lessons I think!



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