Birthday at the Zoo.

This post is a little late, but couple of weeks ago little Henry turned 3 years old, normally we do a family birthday party but this year with the renovations and all that been going on we decided to keep it simple go to the zoo, which we knew our animal loving toddler would adore - and we were right!  His favourite was the mere cats.  We packed up his cake and stashed it under the pusher - Womens Weekly birthday cook book wins again!   

He liked his raggedy quilt and his Thomas wearing, baby wearing, superhero Waldorf doll, both of which I made.  It was a special day.

Much love,


  1. Oh, that doll is so cute for your boy! I love the baby in a sling. Judging by the look on his face, his birthday was huge fun all round!

  2. I love LOVE that little Henry's gifts were hand made. You are a true inspiration to young families to KIS (Keep it simple)whilst allowing the birthday child to have the most wonderful birthday. I adore that quilt, and the super sensitive, new age guy, daddy Waldorf doll and his baby are too adorable for words. Meer cats are everyone's favorites I think. What's not to love about their funny antics? Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing such a special day with us all. X

    1. Naw, thankyou Sally. It is lovely to be able to give simple gifts, though it does get harder as they get older I think.


  3. What awesome presents! Such a clever mum! Meerkats are definitely the best :-)


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