Australia day...

Today is Australia day.  It has been nice to have an extra day off this week, but this day does not spark joy for me.  It reminds me of Australia's history.  The atrocities committed against this nations first people.  So today I choose to live my life like any other day.  I hold the first people of this nation in my heart and prayers.

A dear, strong, beautiful friend of mine wrote an honest post about Australia Day and the affect it has on her, and many other Aboriginal people.  Please take the time to read her words. a dingo named gerald

I love that we can celebrate this great nation, celebrate its diversity, be united togeather in joy.  But today of all days?  In today's world we should know better, and do better.

Much love,


  1. Thanks for sharing the link. :)

    I can honestly say I've never celebrated Australia Day, until we were invited by one of our neighbours, to a party at their house. They had received their citizenship after many years. They were former New Zealanders, so didn't require citizenship to live here, but they wanted to apply for citizenship anyway. It was a great day for them.

    And I think it holds a lot of importance for those who have left their homelands to live in Australia. Its a way of finding unity, even though we come from different backgrounds. But I heartily agree with the sentiment in the link you provided. There is an invisible wall between Australia and the original inhabitants. Our nation doesn't pay them respect, on this day.

  2. I agree 100% Emma. We spent an ordinary day doing things that needed doing around the farm, occasionally pausing to reflect on the lives and journey of our first Australian people on this day. Thanks for sharing the above blog, it is really thought provoking and quite upsetting too.


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