Who knew?

Our washing machine has been dying a slow and tedious death for many months now.  So with the mid-year sales on we finally decided to buy a new one and we opted for a front loader.  We have never had a front loader before, but they are meant to be more efficient, and a better use of space as there is a possibility our laundry will end up in a cupboard and the washer/dryer can be stacked. 

Today is its first wash.  Apparently a front loader is endlessly amusing.  The boys crowded around spotting their clothing as the washing swished around, with delighted gurgles of laughter.  Stating "this is even better than watching the dryer!"

So apparently doing the washing is more entertaining than the T.V.  Who knew?  I’m sure their partners will thank me one day, yes?  

Much love,


  1. Love that photo. I did the same when we purchased our front loader.
    It is so gentle on your clothes. Just make sure you have added everything before you press start because you can't open it again until the end. I've had many moments of 'aaaah, stop. Please, please open.' Doesn't work.

  2. Now that is frugal entertainment ... very cute! Meg:)

  3. I hope you are happy with it, it has been my choice for nearly 20 years....the new models should have a pause function.
    The younger the child the more entertaining it is, you could even include a small soft toy that needs a bath.

    Caution.....please check the bowl immediately before every load is switched on, small pets find the cosy place irresistible. Just 3 days ago someone posted that their cat came to a very sad end. I pile clothes in front until the load is ready, check the bowl, then load and switch on.

  4. Your boys are so cute! I hope you enjoy your new washer. I've got an old top loader that still works like a charm. Have had it for twenty years!

  5. Priceless! This has made me smile all day.

  6. Your new blog design is looking wonderful Emma.

    1. Thankyou! I can't claim credit I'm afraid. I paid $35 to get Heather to set it up, I simply couldn't work out what on earth I was trying to do! Money well spent that's for sure.


  7. Washing teddy bears causes much amusement too , especially when they come to the "window" !!

  8. Children are so amusing. They can find real interest in the everyday as we all should. It really does my heart good to see them enjoying this because they are storing this away-the science of how things work. How many times as children have we enjoyed watching a bird building a nest, someone painting a fence, putting together a wood project or ourselves just endlessly playing with a large cardboard box and turning it into our very own creation. This is truly developing their imagination and one day honing their trouble shooting skills when working on one of their own projects. I loved this photo and my husband did too!



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