A picture speaks a thousond words.

Life is good here.  Full of new life and fresh air! We feel deeply blessed.

Sitting on her eggs, what a good Mama!  One baby chick out.

Here they are, only two survived out of three. 

Happy beach days, Will even caught a few crabs with a bucket.  He gave them to local fisherman who were out raking for them. 

Homemade hommus, veggie sicks, crackers and fruit for morning tea. 

Going to the park, the "playground" got ignored after a bit and they found nature to play in.  Mud, sticks, rocks....can you really beat that?

The boys on the "island".
Grant is destined to forever have his bed stolen...by someone....Here he is after Henry kicked him out of his bed.  he has the patience of a saint. 

Getting ready for a new commer!

Meet Aggie, the fearless Scottish Terrier!

But being fearless is also very tiring.....

This little lady has graced our lives after waiting for her for the last 3 months!  Such a delight!  She has full pedigree papers.  Her mother is a champion show dog, her father is a grand champion.  We hope to breed from her and in 12 months will be on the look out for a male. 

We might show her a little, but our aim is to be fully registered breeders and breed good, strong, healthy, true Scottish Terriers.  To continue the breed well. 

Much love from us all,


  1. Aggie is so very cute!!! What a joy to have a puppy. Meg:)

  2. Don't they call it puppy love? ;) Looks like a lot of love going around your place at the moment. Enjoy. :)

  3. a lovely post, poor grant! he must be well loved for always sharing his bed
    Aggie is adorable! like Rhonda i hope you keep us updated with her growing up
    the little chickens are cute too
    thanx for sharing

  4. Love the photo of Grant sharing the couch with the kitten. I bet the fishermen where happy to be gifted those crabs. They're the best bait for catching mackeral around here. Little Aggie looks like a real sweetie.

  5. The pictures of your boys mean so much more to me now that I've met them Emma. Can't wait to have a play and cuddle with Aggie. XX

  6. Your boys always look so happy - go you!

  7. What an awesome play area! Agree with Mr HM, your boys always look happy, although I'm sure it's not ALWAYS the case ;-)
    -Kelly B

  8. Amei as suas imagens.
    Prazer em conhecer seu blog.
    janicce - Brasil/RS


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