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New years day....A new year awaits!!

I'm going to be honest, I have never blogged before....In fact if one were to ask most would say I'm generally technology impaired!  So bare with me!

This year is going to be an interesting year - you know when you can just feel change is in the air?

The other week we randomly drove half way across the the state to buy an old "pre-loved" caravan my husband Grant got a bargain on.  Story of my life....if its old, slightly "rustic" and filled with "character" but is in good usable condition its probrbaly something he will love....with the exception of me of course!  Ill post a 'before' pic if I can work out how....

Anyway we are currently finishing renovating our little 3 bedroom brick house, big jobs done, just some paint, pretty-ing in the garden and the shed to finish lining out as a rumpus room and she will be on the market.  Hopefully in the first half of this year. 

Then we hope to buy a few acres between here and our country general store and post office which we own/run.

See Grant has a native "woodroach" set up.....ok they are roaches....(believe me I know it sounds crazy) which he runs as a side business and posts bulk orders through the mail.  They are sold to reptile breeders and there is a surprisingly big demand for them....So being the opportunists we are (well he is in this case, I cant say I touch the roaches if I'm to be honest) he wants to expand them and branch out into crickets and meal worms....Which requires more space then we have and in comes the plan of buying a few acres!

So then we plan on doing the whole sustainable thing, lots of fruit, veggies, perhaps breed free range heritage chooks for the local pet market.  The whole set up ties in naturally together and we think with a bit of tinkering, a bit of hard work will be more then rewarding!

We dream of having a simple life, of an abundance of food and veg to prepare, preserve and enjoy with our boys, friends and family of teaching them how food is grown, how to look after our earth whilst being productive, about the joy that is the result of hard work and to give them an old fashioned, simple childhood filled with nature and family.

Ok I know that sounds idealistic, but we have had enough life experience to know that the romance of plans often changes as it eventuates but hey...if you cant be idealistic, enthusiastic and full of ideas at the beginning of the dream or project then there is no chance half way though!



  1. Yep, may as well jump in and have a complete experience rather than just paddle around the edges and only wet your toes! Have fun :).

    1. Emma3 January 2015 at 17:08

      I think it is going to be a crazy year. My husband has had a giant burst of energy and is working his rear end off. He has an eye on a property I think and is using it as motivation to get this place done and on the market. ;)


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