Simple Birthday gifts.

Today the weather has cooled and its lovely here now, there has been some nice rain which will have done my gardens a world of good.  The bush fires in the area are mostly under control now.  Today we are catching up with some friends of ours for an early morning play date.  My eldest Will is very excited.  His friend is home schooled and they don't get to catch up much due to this difference but are great mates when they do.   I'm looking forward to a nice little drive and a very relaxing morning while the kids play and amuse themselves so we Mama's can put our feet up!  Now if my dear husband would just come back with the milk so I can have my coffee all would be right in the world.....the little kids had the last of it on their cereal.......oh the sacrifices of a motherhood!  They are on very strict dietary restrictions so I might pick some greens/spring onions/herbs from the garden to bring to give her, I know she will enjoy the healthy home grown produce.  

My 3 yr Angus old is turning 4 in a couple of weeks.  I cant believe he is getting so big!  He is such a snuggle pot and is a total cheeky monkey.  His big brown eyes melt hearts and he knows it all to well.  He is a real cruiser, loves to be close and secure but happy going along doing his own thing as well.   He brings us so much laughter and joy!

Seeing as Christmas has just passed there is very little he actually NEEDS.  And we have more then enough new toys and books in the house to be honest which has made me think a little harder.

The great thing about little kids they have no concept of money.  Well mine don't.  Except you have to have it to buy stuff.  And also my boys don't get toys all the time so they are pretty easily pleased.  Which makes birthdays and stuff easier.

Gussy loves all things that fly.  Planes, birds, dragons.  He is flying obsessed.  Not at all helped by a good family friend who is doing his pilots license is also flying obsessed and encourages Gussy's plane/flying fetish at every possible opportunity.  (Thanks Dave, flight school is going to cost us a fortune!)

The other week when we were on our family adventure picking up the caravan I stumbled across a country craft fair.  (woo hoo!!) There was a lovely fabric stall from a local lady who ran her quilting business off her farm.  Unfortunately I lost her details so cant link her here.  She was lovely and had some beautiful fabrics.  I bought some cool airplane and cloud fabric here.....

Which I plan to do some DIY artwork with to decorate his room.  Its really simple, just stretch them in some nice timber embroidery hoops and hang!  I did some in ours of some of my favorite fabrics a while back like this....

(Yes that is my childhood bear on my bed in matching pjs to the fabric on the wall.....the kids like to cuddle him when they are sad or unwell. #geekysecretsout #bigsoftie )

 So I need search my fabric cupboard to find anything I have that may tie in and then if not nip down to my local quilt shop.

I ended up doing it before I actually put up this post.  Here it is here but it will look much better when it's properly hung on his wall!

He also loves Toothless the dragon from the movie "How To Fly Your Dragon"He did have a much loved plastic toy but his wings sadly broke off and I found a gorgeous pattern for a soft one instead which will hopefully withstand more vigorous loving! Here is the link to him here...

So I need to nip down to spotlight and grab some black minky for him.  I have wool for stuffing at here and some qood quality wool felt for his other bits.

He also needs a new hat for kindy in the new year so I think that will about do him.  We have a tradition of picking your birthday cake from the old women's weekly cookbook which we make and decorate the night before.  I bake and decorate, Grant cuts/sculpts them.  Drawing and proportions are not my strong point and he always takes over the 'building' part and I do the 'artistic' parts.  Its great fun and the kids just love it!  They sometimes come out a little wonky but hey!  ;)  I'm sure we will see some friends or family somewhere along the line.

Ill let you know how it all goes - Oh the cavalry is here with the milk! Time to start the day.   



  1. Hi Emma, welcome to blogging, I found you via Rhonda and just want to say, you will get there with your goals eventually, we can all only do what we can manage on any given day.
    Hope you all cope ok with the crazy weather of heat,fires and rain etc.looking forward to following along.

    1. Thankyou Margaret! Thats very true. :)

      Yes the area we lived in with the flood is under threat again tonight. They are very worried about their properties. Hopefully we get a consistent slow rain so it can drain away evenly for them. This is Australia hey? Dorathea Mackellars famous poem "My Country" comes to mind with the extremes we are having here.


  2. Hi there, found you via Rhonda & loving your blog already! I'm a SAHM & we're a home-schooling, business owning, simple living family who are always looking for inspiration & great blogs to read, so thank you!! Looking forward to following you!

    1. Naw, thankyou so much for your kind words! That means so much to me!

      We are very much on the journey of simple living but that's what I'm hoping to share, our ups downs and in-betweens. Just the realness of it all. There have been times where we have rocked at it and times when we have truly sucked. But that's the seasons of life and I want to share that so when others stumble they know they are not the only ones. :)

      What kind of business do you own?

  3. Hi Emma, found you via Rhonda too and I am loving your blog and looking forward to reading about your journey into simple living.

    1. Thank you so much! To hear the life we are trying to lead resonates with others makes me so happy!

      I'm so grateful Rhonda linked to me, Id love to hear how other families are living simple too.


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