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Grant has been unwell this week so things have been busy here.  He is on the improve now which is lovely.  On the weekend we will be shuffling furniture and setting up the new room in the 'shed'  Ill post pictures of it all when its done.  Its still waiting on its skirting boards at the moment.  We ended up just sealing the cement but I like the rustic look.  With a rug and furniture it will do nicely.  It will be a room with kids and dogs so the hardy floor will suit us well. 

We have had a lovely couple of days visiting friends and the kids have had a blast which is why I have not posted over the last couple of days, life gets busy! 

So today I thought I would show some photos of a normal morning here.  Nothing special, just the ordinary things that fill our days.  

The clutter from the week is building up, it always does by friday!  One of my favorite saying is...

"A house should be clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy"

 Our kitchen counter is home to growing piles of paperwork, toys, bits and bobs and my sons bugs.  Because what else would you have on the kitchen bench?!  I am relieved these ones don't seem to be able to climb.  They are burrowing bugs.....

Will loves looking them up in his bug text book.....

Handmade wooden toys sitting on the shelves from local markets when we have been on holidays....I love the simplicity of handcrafted toys.  Its interesting to watch how the boys play with them in comparison to loud/noisy toys.  As a result we are phasing out loud noisy toys!

The boys playing in the lounge.....

Every time I see this sign on their play kitchen it makes me smile. 

It's a lazy day at home today, there is washing drying, baking to do, dinner to think about and a day to start.....better get moving!

Happy Friday! 



  1. Loving your blog! Great to know I'm not the only simple living minded mumma who has highs & lows - your boys look so happy in these pics, my munchkins also are having their "noisy" toys faded out in favour of handmade & creative ones 😊 enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thankyou! And thank you so much for taking the time to both read and then comment too, its lovely to know a few people are enjoying this little blog, it means so much to me.

      We have been moving towards quieter, simpler toys for a few years now but the noisy ones still manage to sneak in here and there by well meaning relatives! haha! oh well. ;)

  2. Love the collection of your handmade produce! We too try to phase out plastic toys, and I try to substitute most plastic toys with their wooden version, but we have too many toys, I cannot control their influx anymore.... Apparently people now think, that if you are invited for catch up at someone's home, you must to bring stuff for kids.... I wonder how you deal with "gifts for kids", which are brought by visitors? It is mostly plastic crap in our case, and it is driving me mad... :(

    1. Its tricky isn't it? I might do a blog post on this topic this week. De-cluttering toys and gently encouraging 'less' gift giving has been something we have been working on now for quite a few years. I have spent alot of time talking to family about the stress of 'clutter', the fact that the boys dont play with half their toys and have been open and clear that prior to birthdays and Christmas we donate lots of toys to charity. I also talk about being on a tight budget and talk to relatives/friends about the fact we cant afford big gifts at Christmas/birthday time and the pressure it is on our family. So as a result we have a $25-$35 limit which helps across the board. It was a relief to everyone. I also don't give little gifts out when I see people for a general catch up. Generally I find people are relieved to drop the social practice of constant gift giving. Its pressure on everyone's time and pockets. I have found the best strategy is being open, honest but gentle in how I communicate regarding this.

      I don't have a fail proof answer, I'm afraid but I have few strategies that help. I am mostly happy with the toy situation in our house at the moment and family are getting on board with us and seeing our point in their own time which has been lovely! Oh and I'm not a toy minimalist. We have plenty, but they mostly get used. If they don't get used or tossed aside I discuss with the boys and it gets donated. I go from the ange of if they have less "junk" they get to spend less time cleaning up, and more time playing. That Mum is happier as I get to spend more time with them too due to less tidying and also the fact that we are very blessed to have such a beautiful little comfortable home and there are lots of children who are not so lucky. And we can help them by giving them good things that we don't need. We have spent ALOT of time on discussing this with the boys and the realities of life. Children can be very empathetic and William particularly takes great pride in this.

      I'm not one to make rules about what enters our house...I know people that do and that's fine as it suite them. Personally I don't feel its up to me to dictate what people who love our children decide to buy them. (though sometimes I would like too!) They are buying things they think the children will enjoy and they are coming from a place of goodness. I happily have a list of "options" if people ask what to give them though and then explain why the child would love that gift.

      I can however control how the stuff is managed once it is IN my house.

      I will have to leave it there for now, but I will defently do a post or even a couple on this topic this week. The more I think about it there is many things we have done.

      I totally understand your frustration, but you can make it better, I promise!


  3. I just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying reading your blog. We have three year old and all your posts on toys and decluttering chimes with me. I discretely moved a bundle of things into a large box after the christmas influx, ready to put them in the loft. They're mostly things she has outgrown and a potential second child may yet enjoy, so I couldn't quote bring myself to get rid. Anyway, my lovely little girly found them before I could squirrel them all away and has spent a happy three days bringing every item back downstairs again, playing with them all one by one. Oh well - I tried!

  4. Thankyou so much for your kind words!

    Little monkey! My boys have done EXACTLY the same thing, suddenly something that they have not touched in months is completely fascinating! All that matters is that your home is the space you want it to be. :) Im sure she will get tired of them sooner or later and you can pop them away again when your ready! Its a never ending cycle I think. :)



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