Christmas stage 2.

Thankyou everyone who took the time to leave such encouraging, understanding, helpful and thoughtful comments on my last post.  I was very touched by the desire to help and so I thank you all with all my heart. 

It was very re-assuring to see I'm not actually the Chrismas Grinch and that many of us simple living folk have the similar feelings we are either working to overcome, or have had to overcome in the past.

A little fence and repair to this little garden again!! The cheeky dogs, this recycled fencing wire from the front ought to fix it....hopefully! 

I'm sorry I didnt reply to them all.  I have read them and re-read them and have been pondering many elements.  They have been marinating in my mind but I saw them, and was very greatful for them. 

So, where am I now? 

Well firstly I should have clarified *we* dont have trouble with the gift giving to our children.  We tend to go with "something to wear, something to read, something you want and something you need." 

So the boys are getting from us:
Wear:  PJ's
Read: (still deciding)
Want: childrens Opinel pocket knife, Henry I'm not quite decided upon, a marble run?
Need: Cotton Sleeping bags

Stockings will include marbels, chocolate, socks, jocks, and something special for each child - William will get a few polished stones for his collection, Henry a little owl finger puppet, Gus I havent decided yet.  The PJ's and the books are usually in the stocking too. 

Its the excess that comes in which we have no control that concerns me.  But I do believe we have started a new tradition with one set of Grandparents happy about giving zoo passes!  Woo hoo!

As far as Christmas day goes.....Well we have been having many discussions about this.  Its not just up to me to say "no".  We are a family and the decision of how we celebrate christmas must be a united one between Grant and I.  We have however now decided that every couple of years we will have start to have Christmas at our own home.  This is a huge change for us and one I am greatly relieved about.    People are welcome to join us if they like, but we wont be doing all the travelling, and we will get to start new traditions with our children.

Apparently "Jimmy" needs a ninja outfit...hmm....

This year we are going to hold our own "Pre- Chistmas day"  at home.  Just our family.  Buy beautiful seafood, light candles, go to church Sunday morning, maybe go to the beach, and give the boys a small hand made gift each, just to make it a little "magic"  William needs a new libray bag and I have the material sitting there, Angus would love a Ninja outfit for his waldorf doll, and I will either applique a cat on a tee-shirt for Henry or make his Waldorf doll an Ninja outfit too.  This special day will be a week or two before Christmas, nothing too fancy, But Im really looking forward to it.  I feel more "at peace".

There is a Christmas pagent on this Friday in a town not far from us they will enjoy, and I think taking the time to simply "be" is perhaps going to be the most important thing.  I tend to get tied up in the "do-ing" of everything around here that has to be done, that I forget to just "be" at the moment. 

I listened to "Matilda" by Roahl Dahl today in full by audiable, I love a good kids book.  and it got me thinking how little reading I have been doing latly. Gosh I miss it.  It dawned on me I have not been caring for myself as well as usual.  Which means I was going into the Christmas season with an emty tank, after a long hard year no wonder I was feeling tired and flat and dis-heartened.

One of our favorite things are Audible - audio books.  The first month is free and awesome for road trips or quiet nights. 

The Christmas tree will go up this weekend, which will be nice.  So we need to do a light toy de-clutter and a bit of a spring clean in the lounge. 

Much love,



  1. Your Christmas ideas sound perfect! A good idea to have your own little Christmas at home before you do Christmas away from home. And in the future, I think it is a good idea to cultivate your own Christmas at home. As my children are older, I don't mind that they have their own Christmas. There is a time when you have to break away and have your own traditions for your children. And your gifts sound great. Your children will be cozy (new pj's) and a book to read will create memories. Adding to their hobbies (polished stone or the pocket knife) will give them something to do that they enjoy. (I bought my granddaughter a pair of pj's so she can be cozy and think of us...)

    1. The PJ's sound perfect!

      It's so lovely you don't mind if your children have Christmas with their families, it must mean even more when your all togeather. :)

      Thank you for your kindness.


  2. Good to hear some of the comment ideas were useful food for thought, it doesn't hurt to try new things that very well may become your traditions.

    Hope you enjoy some reading when you get time, recent studies say the brain takes in written word differently to screen words and book reading keeps the brain exercised but different to crosswords, number puzzles etc. What a good excuse for downtime when school is finished.

    1. The audio book was lovely as my eyes have just been too tired at the moment I simply fall asleep! I too prefer a paperback rather then a screen, there is something soothing about turning the pages. :)

  3. How wise Emma to make it a family decision.

  4. So lovely to read that you have ideas for creating your own traditions for your children, a time in your own home to share with one another. You sound like you are in a better place within yourself; make sure you fill your own petrol tank every now and then. Maybe another audio book? Or one to hold in your hands and read just before sleep? Have a lovely Christmas, Emma. May you find that your own way of celebrating fills your heart. Meg:)

    1. Thank you meg. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too.


  5. David and I "use to" lock horns a lot over Christmas. I grew up very frugal, out of necessity, and he grew up middle class and Christmas was a lavish affair. We eventually found a happy medium where we had to "work" for the kind of Christmas we both wanted. By that I mean, we had to convince the other, what we wanted was legitimate, instead of just poo-pooing on each other's idea of Christmas, lol.

    It was no longer just my idea, or just his. We legitimately had to work out something we could both live with. Eventually, David has seen the wisdom in a more frugal affair, in both peace of mind and finances. Eventually, I realised that traditions in families are important, no matter the kind of family. You always have to make compromises.

    But it sounds like your family are on their way to making your own new traditions. Which can only strengthen your ties, in the short amount of time we have with our children - and with our own parents.

  6. Thats the key isnt it really? Respecting that everyones way of doing Christmas is valad to them. In the spirit of the season we should try to act with grace, forgivness and understanding but when emotions become involved it can be quite hard.

    Christmas this year does not look the way I feel happy with. Im afraid christmas the caravan (even if it is our awesomly cute vintage caravan) in the middle of a South Australian Summer (eugh) haveing to drive many hours doesnt appeal to me at all. But it does Grant, and the boys will have fun. I just have to do my best amongst that, and know in the future things will be different. And Grant wants to keep adding things to my sensible but nice christmas shopping list. (eye-roll) ;)

    Families hey? Lucky we love them so much!!



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