Simple indulgance.

Really, there is nothing like a good chocolate cake.  It brightens all bad days, adds joy to any celebration.  I do belive, it is one of my all time favorite things. 

This weekend we needed a little indulgence to break the grumps.  Tired children due to late nights....tired Mama from a sick child......and perhaps just a little too much red wine....

Solution?  Chocolate cake! 

I do believe this is the best recipe I have tried.  Its indulgant, the icing is amazing.  (with THREE blocks of butter, it is in its own league!) Pair it with thick jersy cream and berries and you have a dessert fit for the Queen!

It was so good infact young Henry couldn't resist.....cheeky little mouse.....

Here is the link: Best chocolate cake ever.

It was so good, I even had it for breakfast.  Because that is the joy of being an adult right?  There needs to be the occasional perk for all this hard work - Ha!

Much love,


  1. Oh, chocolate cake for wonderful! We love chocolate cake here too and I'm forever trying to make it healthier by incorporating zucchini or mashed sweet potato and so on...Your post has reminded me that sometimes it's better just to be completely indulgent and enjoy it wholeheartedly and without reserve! Meg:)

    1. Oh aren't you gorgeous making healthy chocolate cake! That only means you get to eat it more often. This cake is most defiantly a treat.

      It is good to enjoy life luxuries, it's amazing how much letting everyone have as much cake as they can eat, pouring a hot cuppa and sitting back and enjoying it all.



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