simple days.

The big boys are back at school this week.  So its just been me and this little guy.  Oh and about 500 loads of washing - gah! 

Bliss.  Midday naps, tea parties, books and days simply hanging out at home.  Goodness I needed it.

Oh....and assignments, uni, work and the rest of the real life important adulting that needs to be done to keep the wheels running in this place.....But lets just focus on the blissful bits shall we?

much love,


  1. Very cute, Emma. My girl likes the holidays so she doesn't have to race to get the girls to school each morning :-)

    1. Me too chel! But since we have been renovating and in such small space it has been far more challenging. It has been really strange weather down here this season. Far wetter then we are used too. I think this October has had record rain of double the usual amount and still a couple of weeks to go. With lots of storms and wind to boot. Its been an interesting season.

      Now the second bedroom is done I cant believe the change of lifestyle it has brought. The boys now have space to be seperate instead of in each others pockets all the time. They love to be togeather but its lovely for them to have a space to retreat too. Also for Grant and I. :)


    2. Oh my goodness, that is totally adorable. What a sweet little man you have.

    3. he really is, when he wants to be. ;)



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