The importance of the quiet work.

We live in such a loud, switched on world these days.  Every one is connected, the world is pushing us to do better, to be better.  To be MORE then we are, to have more then we have.  Like what we are and what we have is not enough in this world.

But you know what?  I'm not buying it. 

I guess if I pull it apart there are many contributing factors that help me see past this story that's flung in our faces on a daily basis.  Perhaps because I have seen it not work,  I have seen the emptiness it eventually brings, perhaps because I have felt the hollow, short lived joy of consumerism many times that has left me searching for more.  Perhaps its because my because my faith teaches me we are all wonderfully and fearfully made by a God who loves us, unconditionally.  Flaws and all.  That he made us enough just by making us in the first place.  Sure we grow and and change and we reach our potential, but at the very heart of it lies the truth that we are enough just as we are.  For me there is immense freedom in that.  I guess realistically it is a range of experiences and thought processes that allow me not to buy into the excessive on going consumerism trap.  If you are reading this, your possibly much the same in many ways. 

I truly believe it is the quiet, loving daily work of many that transforms the world.  That this is the most powerful kind of work there is.  Take parenthood for instance.  It is unconditional, it is un-relenting, it is guiding, teaching and patient.

We may not be patient all the time, we lose our temper, we get fed up - of course, we are human.  But there is a level of patience that lies withing the heart of parenting that is un-matched.  Why else would we get up for the 18th time to a sick baby in a single night when we can hardly open our eyes?  Why else would be teach the same lesson 100 times in 100 different ways because we believe it to be SO important that we refuse to give up on it.  Parenting can be head bangingly repetitive over many, many years.  Its beautiful, its messy and its awe inspiring.  If that's not the epitome of patience I'm not sure what is.

Parents, your doing great even if you feel like you spend your entire parenting life floundering.  I know I do, if that brings any comfort!  But despite that, we show up, day after day, even when we don't want too.  Because that is the weight of the responsibility and love we have for our children. 

When I look at the beautiful parents around me I'm reminded of a Jesus like love.  Walking along side his disciples, teaching them, guiding them, encouraging and unconditionally loving them, despite their imperfections.  Except, you know, messier.

But in a world that's so foucussed on the loud and the shiny, this kind of quiet transformative work gets all too often overlooked.  When I look at those that have impacted my life the most, its those that have showed up time and time again.  The people who have walked with me when I was broken, picked me up when I fell down, encouraged me to go on and celebrated with me when I got something right.  This is a transforming kind of love.

The quiet work that's done, the volounteers helping with animals,  the men and women selflessly serving in church week after week, the community volunteers that care our precious oldies, the bake stalls, the school helpers, the community gardeners, the parents homeschooling their children, the teachers, the nurses, the parents cooking nourishing meals for their babies, even when they are sick or tired themselves, the time taken to talk to and help a friend or a stranger in need.

This is the most powerful kind of work there is.

This the kind of work that will transform our world.

The quiet work, the selfless work, the work done in love and for love for the good of another.  The work that takes time and patience, that is not shiny.  Its sometimes hard, complicated and stretches us beyond what we knew we could possibly handle.

So I'm calling out the worlds message of being more, of doing more.  Of bigger is better.

(A good friend suggested I make that last line g-rated.  I had used stronger language.  Ha!)

So I just wanted to give a shout out the parents, to the volunteers, to the friends, to the people spreading kindness and love.  To the carers of the world.  THANKYOU. 

The work you do matters, YOU matter. 

I truly believe it is the quiet consistent and loving work of many that is key to healing this world. 

Much love,


  1. Hi Emma
    Could not have hoped to find a better post.
    Mother's Day I received a card with 'none of your kids are in prison, thats a motherhood blue ribbon right there.' I thought that was pretty funny, however the message inside moved me to tears 'thank you for everything you do for me and for us. I hope you have a terrific day because you are my terrific mum and I'll love you forever'
    Well payment in full, what more could a mum want.

    1. That's just so beautiful Sue, thankyou for sharing it. :)


  2. oh well written Emma, thank you xxx

  3. -Beautiful Emma, just beautiful. Hugs, Wendy (aka Emeline)

  4. Such a lovely post says alot and touches the inner soul :)

  5. This a such a wonderful post. Once again, there you go inspiring many with your wise words. XX

  6. Emma you have an old soul and it is truly beautiful.

  7. You are all far to kind. Thankyou for reading and taking the time to comment. Xx

  8. "Happiness is a multitude of small delights ".......some people take a whole lifetime to realize this.
    I spent yesterday piecing a very simple quilt, I had forgotten how much fun it is to work up a design, iron all the different fabrics and sew them together for something that will give warmth , comfort and joy to someone for many years to come.
    Imhope you are all keeping warm down there.


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