It is officially spring time and the days are slowly brightening up and growing longer!  The promise of the growing season is here.  Its time to source more pea straw, manure and prep the gardens.  Our spinach and leafy greens are coming to an end and so is our chilli plant.  I need to pick the last lot and dry them.  Our herbs are springing back to life!     

The little ones and I have been enjoying slow morning walks around the neighborhood and pottering in the garden while Will is at school.  Third term of Kindy for Angus is nearly over and he will be starting school visits next term.  Goodness how time fly's.  I LOVE Kindy year, I wish it could go for two years! 

My boys are growing up.  William lost another tooth.  The tooth fairy dutifully visited!

Will is 8years old later this month.  He has asked for a tent, so we can go camping together.  I remember the day he was born as if it were yesterday looking at amazement at this tiny human we had just created.  He was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen.   

Good quality damping equipment is really expensive.  But we bought this tent off gum-tree, never been used.  It is a 4 man Blackwolf tent, with its posts and inner tent all connected, all you do is lay it out, crawl inside and push up the middle and it all clicks into place with special joints.  It was around approx a $900 tent originally, the people had one and the zip broke on their old one and Blackwolf replaced the entire tent for them.  Then they ended up upgrading to a camper van and were happy to sell the tent off for a bargain.  We bought it for $275 and the Grandparents are pitching in birthday money towards it as it is more then we would spend.

We will be going camping near the beach for his birthday, which will be just lovely!  

It will never cease to amaze me what people will sell second hand, often near new for a fraction of the price in the store.  We rarely but new now, it has saved us many thousands of dollars!  It may take some patience, but mostly we have found the things we need second hand, better quality then we would be able to afford new.  We are such a consumerist society, it saddens me to see so many people chasing happiness when it is in fact, quite often, right in front of them.  

Anyway, I have gotta dash, finish off my morning cuppa and get my big boy ready for school photos!

Much love,

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