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I love looking at others houses, so seeing as the house is on the market and I have been getting it ready for marketing photos I thought I would give you a tour so you could sticky beak!  It is very rare that this many rooms in my house are this tidy all at once....ha! (rarely = never)

This is the kitchen.  That's my little wooden child hood rocking horse on the left there.
 The dining room.  The kitchen dresser is filled with mementos from grandparents and all things sentimental.  
 It just feels right to have a kitchen sink that looks outside. 
The lounge with the wood fire to the right.  Hand made quilts are draped over the back of chairs ready to snuggle in.
 The lounge looking toward the entrance, the front door is just off to the right.  As you can see I clearly love photos!  
A little "nook" for the boys, they have a CD player there for audio-books and can curl up there for quiet play, tucked away. 
The hallway, exciting stuff!  haha!
Our room.  Simple, not fancy but bright and peaceful.
Henry's room.
William and Angus's room.
Bathroom, small but functional.  Until 5 of us are trying to brush our teeth at the sink....yep...
The backyard, we spend load of time under the pergola.  Reading, relaxing, meals and just hanging out.  Perhaps my favorite area. 
Some herbs and greens and so forth.  The Jasmine climbing up the trellis in from of the shed smells amazing.  I have been picking it and popping it in little vases on our kitchen table. 
EDIT: I forgot the lined out shed which acts as a sewing room/kids retreat/guest room.  We would never buy such a big TV these days, but it was the time of our lives we were in! 

Our house is not fancy, but it is homely.  It is our place, tucked away from the world.  What more does one need?  

Much love,

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