A weekend away!

Our sweet William turned 8 on the weekend - can you believe it?!  A whole 8 years this little man has blessed our lives! 

We went camping so I thought I would share some photos.  Here is the old van we renovated - you can see clear pictures of its inside HERE (the old van reno's)

This caravan has allowed us to have cheap, quick local weekends away.  We pack all our own food (with a few holiday treats!) and a quick BBQ for dinner with fresh bread and salad, the ability to pack lunch, drinks and snacks also is fantastic. 

Setting up Williams birthday pressie - very special bought off Gumtree for an amazing bargain of $275 and with the aid of grandparents as a joint present. 
 Henry has found his spot!
 William setting up his tent.
 The beautiful jetty just a short stoll form our campsite.

 Where is Henry's legs?!
 Coloring in a quiet moment.
 This sweet babe, melts my heart.  Each night as I went to bed, my heart was full from the time we all spent together.
 beep beep!  At the adventure park!
 Check out that concentration!
 Little boys won!
 Paddling on the lake.

 Finding natures treasures.
 More treasures!

 Exploring the shallows - it never grows old does it?
And the happiest of birthdays to my darling William, the child that made me a Mother, together we fumbled through those early days, clinging to each other, relying on each other while I found my feet in this thing they call motherhood.  I am still learning every day, still exploring and somehow even more in love with him today as I was the day he was born.  A kind of fierce love I didn't know possible until this babe was laid in my arms. <3

Much love,

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