Small luxuries

One of the things I love about being at home is being able to take the time out of my day to give myself or the boys small luxuries.  Things that are seemingly really simple but seem completly luxurious if tweaked a little!  

Now that I'm out doing more ministry with church, training, helping run various groups and some study these 'home' days are such a treat to my soul and I cherish them even more.  

For instance one of my favourite foods as a little girl was two minute noodles.  Now as an adult I still LOVE packet noodles, except sadly the ones from the shops are high in fat, highly refined and contain all sorts of colours, flavours and preservatives which as a general rule I try to minimise in our diet.  So I have mastered my own noodle dish that quite frankly, craps all over the shop bought ones and is cheap, quick and completly delicious.  

Most weeks I make chicken broth out of left over bones and veggies so this is the bulk of the liquid.  

Then I add.....
Sesame oil
Soy sauce
Fish sauce
Brown sugar 
Rice noodles
Chicken broth

From my garden I then grab.....
Fresh Lemon grass
Asian basil
Spring onion
Meat - chicken/left over roast is great too! 

I pop the kettle on and whilst that's boiling I quickly fry up a finely chopped chilli and garlic from the garden in the sesame oil, then add in a couple of ladels of stock, the lemongrass and season to taste with a glurp of soy, some fish sauce the juice of a lemon and a teaspoon of brown sugar to balance.

Quickly soak the rice noodles in the boiling water and when ready transfer the softened noodles into the broth.  Add the roughly shredded greens or what ever veg you want, and the left over meat to warm it through.  Serve and sprinkle the fresh herbs/spring onion on top!  It's 10min quick meal that feels luxurious, is nourishing and delicious! 

Another thing I love to do at this time of year is to lay the boys pj's out in front of the fire while they are in the bath so they can get dressed in warm snuggly pj's.  I quite enjoy this too! ;) 

A ritual I really cherish is to take the time out of my day to actually sit in my favourite chair with a hot cuppa and a book and read a chapter or two or in the garden enjoying the sunshine and the birds.  

We are a generation that has gotten used to doing things on the run, eating on the run, coffee in the car on the run, and jamming as many things into a small time frame as we can.  Stopping is a simple but necessary luxury, sitting, contemplating.  It's what recharges our batteries ready for the next round! 

Too often we spend time rushing, focusing on the completion of tasks, the list of things we have to get done.  Often there is no need to rush as much as we do.  We rush because our mind is rushed and flustered, but by doing things purposefully, mindfully and taking time to find the luxury within the activities of our day....this can help calm the mind and soul.  I don't know about you but I'm much more efficient when I'm calm and methodical! 



  1. Oh yum, that looks and sounds delicious and I always have a pack of rice noodles in the cupboard. Shame I don't have any home grown veges or herbs but I'm working on it again!

    1. Im sure you will have them up and going in no time Robyn! :)

  2. I love this post so much.
    I found your blog from the Down to Earth forums and have been reading for awhile now, not sure if I've commented before.
    I love warming my jammies by the fire too before I put them on.
    The noodles sound perfect, I'm going to give them a try. We don't buy 2 min noodles because of all the nasties, but kids are teens/young adults so they occasionally buy them for a snack. I cringe. Maybe a quick yummy alternative even without the meat and greens will get them away from the toxic ones.
    Yes I think rushing and doing are over rated and a great contributor to all the dissatisfaction in the world today.
    cheers Kate
    ps I'm Lenny on the forums

    1. Thankyou so much for reading! :)

      I hope they enjoy them.

      I find I feel much better after eating this kind of noodle rather then she packet ones, though I still have one every now and again. ;)


  3. wow what a great noodle recipe & looks so healthy too! i use rice noodles a lot as i no longer eat wheat, i think they taste much better also
    we've all been there rushing around trying to get things done & getting nothing done in the end, it's good to stop & think & slow down, many don't even do that on their days off either.
    love your wood stove/heater there, envious of it, i would love to be able to heat my clothes before putting them on too!
    thanx for sharing

    1. yes the boys love it so much! They get so disappointed when its not on after their bath! ;)


  4. Your noodle soup looks so good. Wish my DH wasn't so picky. Meat and potato type. Drives me bonkers.
    As for slowing down, I think it is something more should do. I have come to the conclusion that tomorrow is another day and if I feel like taking it easy, I do. I dislike being rushed.
    thanks for sharing your thoughts

    1. My husband is not normally into this style of soup but he had some the other day and said it was delicious and asked him why I didn't make him any. :) So next time I will and I look forward to it. slow and steady!

      I'm glad to hear you are slowing down. :)



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