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School holidays are here - I feel so relaxed at the possibilities!  I'm so looking forward to spending time with friends, hanging out, chatting over a cuppa.  It's amazing how fast the term passes.

We spent some time in the back garden on the weekend and laid straw, did some tidying up, some light pruning, sweeping etc.  It was lovely to catch up a bit.

We found a local guy who sells straw at $5/bale.  So Grant bought a tailor load.  We have done the back beds, our front yard is still a dumping ground and we need to shift some soil to build up the bed where we put in the lattice a couple of months ago.  Dear old Grant likes to have several jobs on the go at once!  But seeing as it is planting time, we need to spend some time filling in the gaps, planting screen covers etc.  I can use cuttings for some which is always great!

My herb/greens beds are still going crazy and have just had a fresh flourish of growth with the rain and cooler weather.  It's amazing how much we can fit into even this small space and how much pleasure it gives me every time I go out and pick some fresh herbs/greens for a meal.  Next time I could plant one less spinach like leafy green....though my family are tolerating it better! 

I can't believe I'm still harvesting chillies! 

I tried my hand at making a hot chilli sauce a couple of weeks ago.  Whoa it it hot!  Grant slathers it on things.  

Today we are having a restful home day.  Movies, lazing about, and resting.  Catching up from the term that was.

Grant and I are still waiting to hear on the finances from the couple who are interested in the shop.  They are still interested, and they are trying to source loans with a good interest rate, the rate they could get they were not happy with.  I have no idea if that means they will still buy it if they cant lock in a loan with a lower rate or not.  It all sounds positive, but we will see.  She has gone back to China this month to try some different tactics for borrowing money over there.

In the mean time, we wait.  Trying to get on with our lives as if nothing is different.  Reminding ourselves to trust in the plan God has for our lives and that no matter what happens we will work it out.  We have been told they will have a definite answer for us in May, either way.  Not long now.  

I started my period of discernment yesterday. (POD) I went to the bible collage, met with the principal and attended a workshop.  It was great.  Really great.  I battled with the idea of going back to study, weather or not I am suited to a life in a formal ministry capacity or just simply helping out in church as I am now.  If I should study theology, and at what level, if giving up nursing really is what God has called me to do. (it is, but its not easy to walk away from)  I'm not sure if I am or not, but I feel so peaceful to be on this journey now.  It feels totally right to be exploring these questions in a formal capacity.  I feel like I have found a little peice of myself once again, like another little peice of my soul has re-awakened, I enjoy learning and being challenged in regards to learning/education.  This week I remembered this, and it's been all kinds of awesome.  


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  1. That workshop sounds interesting, Emma. You have some decisions to make by the sounds of it.


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