Goodness, how time flies! 

We have recently come back from a wonderful week away in Canberra where we were able to finally introduce Elsie to Grant's family. Gosh, it was lovely!  We ate out, took the kids to all kinds of interesting things and generally did all the kinds of "town" things that are hard to do here.  Also, an indoor bathroom was a huge luxury. I'm not going to lie, I miss the indoor bathroom. 

A birthday and goings on

Firstly I'd like to thank all of you who sent us kind wishes after the passing of Ronnie.  We really appreciate the time it took to comment and your thoughts.  This is such a wonderfully kind little corner of the internet.  xx

This weekend our firstborn Will turned 13.  Officially a teenager.  Oh, how time flies!  Though in truth he has been a teenager in spirit for quite a while.  It's a pleasure to watch him working out who he is and to see him delve into and pursue his own interests.  He is still working away on his little log cabin, felling the trees with his axe, dragging them to the site and slowly notching them out.  It is slow, hard work but an excellent project for an energetic young bloke. Grant's promised him some time out there to give him a hand and keep him company for a bit.   

An unexpected loss

It was a dreadfully sad day yesterday.  A few days ago we found some fully engorged paralysis ticks on Ronnie our border collie.  We treat all our animals routinely with Bravecto a reliable tick/flea treatment but with one thing or another we were a little late with his next dose.  Not terribly late, but clearly late enough. The poor fellow must have collected some on a bushwalk and though we pulled them off and rushed him to the vet who gave him antiserum and various other medications it sadly wasn't enough. He has now been laid to rest alongside old Tessa.

Hug your pets a tightly tonight dear readers.
Much love,

Clothing a family for less

Clothing a big family well can be an expensive prospect.  Cheap clothes throw up serious ethical and sustainability questions and better quality clothing quickly adds up, especially when you take into consideration how quickly children grow. 

Elsie in her vintage duds, 50c op-shopped onsie and homemade bib from fabric offcuts.  

But it is possible to meet everyone's clothing needs on a limited budget, it just takes a little more effort, time and foresight.

on saving money

Unemployment rates in Australia are high, higher then they have been for decades and sadly the statistics we read are inaccurate.  The true rate of unemployment is much higher.  The current statistics don't take into consideration those who have left part-time/casual work and are not eligible for job seeker due to their partner earning too much.  They don't take into consideration the small home-based business that rely on local markets to sell their wares, markets which in many states are not currently running.  These businesses may not be big, but for many families, they can make the difference to being able to make ends meet.  

podcast chat with Allie from The Decluttered Home

Recently I went on my dear friend Allies new podcast, The Decluttered Home to talk about our simple living journey and the events which set us onto our simple living path and fundamentally changed the way we live. 

                                This scruffy haired bloke reading the paper on a weekend with Elsie.  

On the farm

Hello dear readers,

It’s been a little while between posts and I do hope you’re keeping safe and well.  Things are fine here on the farm.  I have been trying to sleep when Elsie sleeps and between one thing or another, my days keep disappearing the way they inevitably seem to do with a small baby in your arms!

A new arrival!

Meet Hagrid, the newest addition to the farm!

Our year of less: An update

The woodfire burns most days and every night now as our little valley moves into winter.  Splitting wood is Wills job which he enjoys and the little boys usually collect the kindling.  We don't use fire starters here.  Just a bit of newspaper and twigs do the job.  There is a pot of chicken broth simmering on the Aga at the moment using the bones from last night roast chook.  It will be the base for a minestrone soup for a warm comforting dinner.  Elsie is next to me snuggled up having a kick and a little chat.  

A little while ago I wrote about our new year of less project.  

I thought I would write an update on how we are going with it.

Finally, an indoor kitchen!

Note: this post was started on Monday but not finished until Friday.  Such is the life of home educating with a new baby!

Today all three boys are back in school for the first time since the Covid 19 restrictions hit and goodness it's quiet.  The yurt looks like a tornado went through after trying to get everyone ready, last nights clean dishes are waiting to get put away, the kitchen table needs a good wipe over and don't even get me started on the boots and muddy thongs dumped in the doorway.  However, I'm going to ignore the mess while Elsie is sleeping and catch up with you!
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