The littlest chocolate thief....

Hello!  Posting might be light on this week as I need to sort through my curriculum of my study today and get my head around the readings, text and so forth. but I thought I would pop in with a little hump day chuckle.  Just a quick clip of my littlest man Henry and his chocolate thieving antics!  He caught himself out in the details of his own story.  Gosh I love these boys of mine!

Excuse the darkness of the clip, it was stupid o'clock in the morning.

YouTube evidence of the chocolate thief's confession....

Much love and happy hump day!


  1. Bahahahaha!!! Too cute :) How can you get cranky at that much cuteness?
    Cassandra xx

  2. You didn't say "chocolate birthday cake", until the end, so its technically not lying, lol. But yeah - sprung!

  3. As cute as they are always remember this world needs mothers to raise quality men - pretty sure you are right on target there!


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