And then she was one!

Dearest readers, I’m sorry this post is a little delayed. I have been oh so tired and keeping things afloat in the real world has taken every ounce of energy. We are good and well, I have just been a bit worn out. But with the change of seasons and Autumn upon us, I’m feeling somewhat rejuvenated and refreshed. 

But somewhere in amongst it all, it seems Elsie turned one! I cannot quite believe it. She has filled our lives with love, laughter and sweet cuddles. It feels as though she has always been here with us and each and everyone of us adores her. She is such a funny character, sensitive but cheerful. Always looking to her family for connection and love. She remains not a great sleeper, but we muddle through just fine. 

And what a time to come into the world, her first year of life has been through the covid pandemic. We have spent much of it at home in our own little bubble, safe and snug in the yurt.

Her birthday was held over the span of a weekend. There was time spent outside, quiet time inside watching the Frozen movie (she loves singing) church and her favourite meal of a roast chicken, with veggies and gravy. There was a simple butter cake with naturally coloured pale pink icing, adorned with tiny seaside daisies from the garden. It was lovely and without too much fuss, just as her entrance into our family has been. 

I made her a jointed Waldorf/natural fibre doll which she loves to snuggle, and found a little cane bed for it on marketplace. I named the little doll Bonnie and she will get long hair when Elsie is a little older if she wants that.  I intended on making her clothes and I have some lovely fabrics popped aside but I ran out of time. No rush though, I found a little pair of dolls flannel PJ’s in amongst the teddies which will do until I get to sewing a dress for her. Elsie also received beautiful new clothes and a little basket with some tiny cloth dolls which she also loves.

 Once upon a time I would have worried about her gift being unfinished. Worried that I was not being a good enough mother, or that I wasn’t showing her the same level of organisation as I would have Will on his first birthday. Which is only natural now as there are 4 children’s needs to consider at any one time. But with each child I have learned there is no ‘perfect’ and that children are very capable of showing their parents grace if things are a little muddled, as long as we too show them grace in return. Life is a bit messy and imperfect here. But it is full of love which is about the most important thing. 

Much love to you all,


  1. Love always wins over perfection, love your doll, she looks very cuddly.

  2. Glad you and yours are well! Elsie ONE??!! And, like Poppypatchwork said: Love always wins over perfection.
    I hope you get some rest. Be well, Emma.
    Much Grace always.

  3. geez doesn't time fly by?! ONE year already? WOW!
    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY Elsie! may you have many more!
    as the other have said here, LOVE always wins over perfection, just enjoy it
    can totally relate to the 'muddle through it' being a single mum of 3 (all grown up & left the nest now) rest when you can & just keep it simple
    great post
    thanx for sharing

  4. One already! What a happy and cherished little one. I love her doll and the simplicity of her birthday cake, with its daisies, sounds just right.

  5. Wow I can't believe she is one already...time sure does fly and I'm sure she loves her doll.

  6. Thankyou for all the lovely birthday wishes for Elsie, Ill be sure to tell her all about them and give her a big snuggle for you all.

    I’m afraid blogger via my tablet isn’t letting me reply to everyone individually, but thankyou for taking the time to check in and leave a comment. It’s lovely to hear from you all.

    Much love and I hope each and every one of you is keeping well.


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