A new slab!

We have a new slab poured!  This will be the extension of our little old cottage.  It will contain a lounge, master bedrrom and a small ensuite.  Which will be a girl only bathroom, what a luxury! 

The cost of the slab came in well under what we were expecting and the fellow did a very thorough job of it all.  Working nearly, carefully, quickly and happily around our family situation of children and pets.  He was wonderful to work with, and he was so thorough and particular at every stage. 

Where the old timberframe, lean-to was.

Prepping for the new slab..

And its in!  No more dirt at the back door! 

Much love,


  1. Awesome! Looking good and I agree about the dirt. I removed the exterior mats from our verhandah, while I'm painting it. Weather has stalled on progress though. In the meantime, we have more dirt and grass coming into the house.

    Patience and a good broom. ;)

    1. yes,it makes a massive difference doesnt it?

      Hopefullt you get your painting done soon!


  2. Sounds like you've found a great person who takes a lot of care. It makes all the difference.

    I love the sounds of your girls only bathroom. Look forward to seeing all your developments.

  3. Woot! Can't you just feel a sense of progress now?!

  4. Looks good, Emma. Be lovely for you to see your extension taking shape. Meg:)

  5. Exciting times. You will love the ensuite in particular I am sure. Robynne

  6. Looks great. You will be happy when it's all done. Your own ensuite will be pure luxury. Robynne

  7. How exciting! I often think of adding on to this little place, will be interested in seeing your progress. Sounds like you found a wonderful contractor to pour the slab, that makes life easier! Hope the rest of the process goes as smoothly!



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