How to clean a waldorf doll.

When you have purchased or spent many hours making a special one of a kind doll, with beautiful natural materials like wool and cotton, knowing how to clean it can be tricky.  Most toys in today's world are either disposable, machine washable, or plastic!

Waldorf dolls are none of these things, and whilst they are made carefully to last many years it is still important to know how to clean them if the need arises.

Generally the recommendation is to simply spot clean the dirty area. 

"Jimmy" is the very first doll I made my son about 3.5 years ago.  After a gentle scrub and some more natural wax crayon rubbed on his cheeks to make them rosie, he is looking fresh and clean.  He has many more years adventure in him! 

You will need:
Velvet soap
an old soft, clean tooth brush
a soft clean hand towel
bowl of warm water

Basically I gently rub the dirty area with a soapy tooth brush and wipe away the excess moisture with the soft clean cloth.  I continue this process until I'm happy and then I thoroughly and evenly dry the area with a hairdryer until it is dry to avoid watermarks forming on the fabric.  The hairdryer is key to making it dry evenly.  I make sure I'm gentle throughout the whole process and avoid the embroidery details when rubbing also.  Its not tricky, just a little time consuming but well worth the effort in caring for the beautiful hand crafted, natural fiber dolls.  There are so many amazing doll makers around, Happy cleaning!

Much love,


  1. Thanks for these tips Emma. I made my daughter a Waldorf doll years ago and she needs a bit of a clean. I've always been to scared in case she ends up with water marks on her.
    Have a great weekend:)

  2. I have a waldorf type doll that is about 40 years old. I just realized it is what was making my closet smell really bad - moldy almost. There are some tainted spots on the doll and she smells so bad - poor thing. I'm tempted to throw it out but am thinking of putting it outside for a while and then maybe spot cleaning like you say. Any other tips?


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